Pastor Beverly Caesar-Sherrod
Executive Dean

Bethel Bible Institute has experienced an amazing year. We began with enrollment during our Spring & Fall semesters that exceeded our expectations, We then offered three Summer courses during the months of June, July & August with each class having a registration of 90 to 100 students.

God moves mightily in each of our classes and the students are gaining knowledge & insight into God's word that they will use to enhance the kingdom.

We've added a new professor and Dean which have been well received. To God be the qloryl!l

Follow Up Ministry
Rev. Clarice Hamer, Director

This ministry is charged with following up with correspondence and telephone calls, those who respond to the altar call.

Sunday School Department
Rev. Odette R. Wills, Superintendent
Rev. Yvette Rowe, Assistant Superintendent

The Sunday School Department offers a systematic study of the word of God for the members of Bethel. Utilizing the Radiant Life Curriculum from the Gospel Publishing House, weekly instruction is offered on the principles and tenets of God's Word to students of all ages. Among the classes offered to meet the varying needs of our adult population are:

  • Altar Workers
  • Bible Study
  • Family First
  • Senior Adults

Our teachers' dedication and commitment to their students is demonstrated by their consistent service, prayer support and cooperation with the ministry goals of the Sunday School Department.

Goals: Our primary focus is to instruct students of all ages in the teachings and principles of the Word of God that empowers them to live effective lives that bring honor and glory to Him.



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