Full Gospel Hour Prayer Line
Min. Barbara J. Hardy-Garr, Director


phoneIt is our mission to be on call when people, desperate and hurting, reach out to the ministry in need of a listening ear and prayer. Also to give referrals when counsel is needed. Always taking the opportunity to lead a soul to Jesus Christ as Lord.

We currently have 26 Prayer line Operators.  It is out continued goal to have the Prayer Line covered untiI 3:00 am.


6:00 am daily prayer

The doors are open for prayer every day.  Everyone is welcome to join in this corporate prayer to lay their petitions before the Lord, and to worship, praise and thank Him.

Consecration twice a year

Semi-Annual 72-hour congregational prayer and fast.  Participants engage in prayer and fast to the degree that they are able; but the congregation spends this 72 hours studying the current theme, worshipping, and seeking the Lord ; in general getting away from the day to day distractions and drawing closer to God.  Everyone may participate and are encourage to do so, but no one is obligated.

 Thursday all day

The doors are open for prayer all day on Thursday and anybody is welcome to come and pray.

All night prayer - last Friday of each month

The special prayer service is set aside as a time when the congregation may get spiritually tuned as they look forward to Communion and the following month.  Participants are encouraged to participate in prayer and worship from evening until dawn, but no restrictions on time is demanded.  Come and pray for 2, 3, 4 or more hours, or until dawn.

Sunrise Prayer Ministry
Rev. Michael Benjamin, Director

The 6am Sunrise Prayer Band Ministry is a vibrant part of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle that meets daily 365 days a year to interceed for the needs of the church and the world.


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